What is a check off program?

BSLC Check OffFaced with declining markets and difficult operating environments, agricultural commodity producers have frequently asked their legislatures to levy small fees on their products and use the funds to improve business conditions through promotion, education, and other activities designed to stimulate market demand. These research and promotion programs—known as check offs because farmers once checked the box to contribute—are well established as a way for producers to raise funds for generic product promotion. The U.S. Congress first allowed for the generic promotion of farm products in the 1930s. Today’s programs require no special congressional authorization and are overseen by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

A Proposal to Revitalize the Softwood Lumber Industry

The Blue Ribbon Commission (BRC), a working committee of 21 North American softwood lumber industry leaders—CEOs and heads of business has developed a check-off program, a long term strategic program to market wood and increase the volume of softwood lumber sold, and expand softwood’s market share and returns in several important markets.

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More Information

For more details on the feasibility study and how the program will work, view Commodity “Check-off”: The Potential for North American Softwood Lumber 4.38MB pdf