Why Use Wood

Solid wood from North American suppliers is the ultimate building material.  That wood is good is virtually a foregone conclusion. For thousands of years, wood has been used as a building material and the fact is using wood has distinct benefits over other building products.

  1. North American softwood lumber is the ultimate “green” building material and is a part of the solution to climate change. 
  2. North American softwood lumber offers unmatched versatility and is suited for a broad range of structural and appearance applications in residential and non-residential sectors.
  3. North American softwood lumber offers high and proven performance characteristics.
  4. North American softwood lumber offers a significant price point advantage.
  5. Using North American wood products is the economic driver to maintain forests as forests and protect jobs in our communities.
  • Sustainability wood use
  • Durability wood use
  • Environmental Footprint wood use